Singapore – France  HD-Quality

YU Mengyu – ZARIF Audrey

LI Isabelle Siyun – GASNIER Laura

Table Tennis World Championships 2014 Tokyo (Japan)

Women’s Teams Group C

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  • Pedro 9 years ago

    Audrey Zarif is so cute ;-)

    She is very young and have a good style of table tennis. We will see how strong she will be in the future.

    I was a litte bit surprised, that she played in Tokyo, because more than 10 other french players are higher ranked in world ranking.

    Are the 3 chinese players with french passport, Li Xue, Yang Xiaoxin and Xian Yifang, not allowed to play at WTTC?

  • Pierre 9 years ago

    premium quality – thank you for the videos!

  • Yu Mengyu best!

  • air jordan 9 years ago

    Yu Mengyu she is not bad, but she would be killed by all members of the chinese national team.

  • Maria 9 years ago

    Not from all. Only from the best 4 maybe!

  • air jordan 9 years ago

    No, she has no chance versus the best 10-20 current chinese players.

    Does she play Chinese Superleague? Sure she would have no good result.

  • Pedro 9 years ago

    The most important thing, we should not forget in this discussion: Audrey Zarif is still very cute! ;) ;)