China – Korea DPR  HD-Quality

Ding Ning – KIM Jong

and best of Zhu Yuling – RI Mi Gyong and Li Xiaoxia – RI Myong Sun

Table Tennis World Championships 2014 Tokyo (Japan)

Women’s Teams Group A

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  • Susan 9 years ago

    Ding Ning is the best! :-)

    China have so many good players, they even did not need Liu Shiwen in this match.

  • Ding Ning is really good, but I think she is same level like Li Xiaoxia. But the best off all is Liu Shiwen!

  • I think all 3 have the same quality ;-)

  • Kjell Svensson 9 years ago

    Not easy…

    Liu Shiwen
    World Ranking No. 1
    World Cup 2013 Gold Medal
    World Cup 2012 Gold Medal
    Asian Cup 2013 Gold Medal
    Pro Tour Grand Finals 2012 Gold Medal
    Pro Tour Grand Finals 2011 Gold Medal
    WTTC 2013 Silver Medal
    WTTC 2011 Bronce Medal

    Ding Ning
    World Ranking No. 2
    Olympic Games 2012 Silver Medal
    World Cup 2011 Gold Medal
    Pro Tour Grand Finals 2012 Silver Medal
    Pro Tour Grand Finals 2011 Silver Medal
    WTTC 2013 Bronce Medal
    WTTC 2011 Gold Medal

    Li Xiaoxia
    World Ranking No. 3
    Olympic Games 2012 Gold Medal
    World Cup 2011 Silver Medal
    Pro Tour Grand Finals 2011 Bronce Medal
    WTTC 2013 Gold Medal
    WTTC 2011 Silver Medal

    Maybe Liu Shiwen is the strongest over a long time with many titles. But she never had been World Champion in Singles and also don´t have a Olympic Medal in Singles.

    Ding Ding had been World Champion in Singles 2011 and at Olympic Games in London 2012 she had been Runner-Up.

    Liu Shiwen is World Champion in Singles 2013 and she won the Olympic Games Gold Medal in Singles 2012, so she won the biggest titles in the World.

    …not easy!

    With Liu Shiwen, it is a little bit same like Xu Xin. Both must win one big tournament to be remembered in the future and table tennis history.

  • Tornado Joe 9 years ago

    I am now 28 years old and I wonder about, if another nation will be able to catch the World Championship or Olympic Games title in Women´s Single during my life.

    Currently I see nobody, especially not in Europe. Only chinese players with a passport of another nation, like Feng Tianwei of Singapur.

  • China is unbeatable and will it always be.